CR2000 Motor Control Centers



Since 1977, the CR2000 Motor Control Center has been a benchmark in the industry for design features and quality construction. Our dedication to providing the latest technological advances, while maintaining structural integrity and customer convenience has resulted in the continued production of this quality Canadian product.

We are sure you will agree, the CR2000 continues to be the MCC you can trust.


Open communication with our customers, a desire to adapt and accept your challenges and satisfy your needs allows us to meet the demands of today’s industries. WAEC listens to and consults with our customers. We then design and build our products to meet your specific application.

We can supply your new stand alone or add-on MCC sections with the application flexibility of solid state starters, vacuum starters, lighting panels, adjustable speed drives and PLC’s.


Using only the highest quality structural and component parts, combined with thorough manufacturing knowledge and inspection procedures, ensures your MCC is built to your standards for quality.

WAEC performs a final test and inspection on every Draw-out Unit and MCC prior to shipment as part of our Quality Assurance Commitment to you.



The CR2000 MCC is designed to provide reliable service, ease of installation and safe simplified maintenance. These free standing front mount only or back-to-back mounting vertical sections are 90"H x 20"D, providing up to 132 vertical inches of space to mount starter and feeder units in the back-to back configuration. A selection of special widths, an optional 78"H structure and a CR2000/CR7092C Transition Section, are also available. EEMAC Types 1 (with or without gasketing), 2, 3R, 4X and 12 enclosures are available. Also, marine enclosures designed to meet CCG requirements are available.

Both the upper (6") and lower (12") horizontal wireways are unobstructed front to back and isolated from the bus by steel and polyester barriers. The vertical wireway measures 4.5"W x 8.25"D and its door is easily removed for maximum wiring convenience. Formed steel floor sills, lifting angles, ASA 61 grey exterior (custom colours optional) and white unit interior are some of the standard features of the CR2000 structure.


Both the horizontal and vertical bus are supported and braced, up to 65KA RMS symmetrical, with high strength glass-reinforced polyester supports. Optional vertical bus insulation will provide a dead front and phase-to-phase isolation. The horizontal bus, mounted edge-to-edge, is available rated 600A (standard) to 2000A, in either copper or tin plated copper. Our exclusive tubular vertical bus, rated from 300A (standard) to 1000A, are also made of tin plated copper.

Horizontal and vertical ground bus and neutral bus are also available.





The CR2000 draw-out units are designed for safety, durability and ease of installation and maintenance. The colour coded operating handle is interlocked with the door to prevent opening of the unit door while energized and to prevent inadvertent disconnect closure when the unit door is open. These interlocks can be by-passed by trained personnel. The handle is factory supplied with provisions to be padlocked in the OFF position and can be customer modified for padlocking in the ON position.

The unit divider trays support the units and are equipped with brass grounding straps that immediately ground the units prior to contact between the bus and the unit stabs. The divider trays are easily removed and relocated to facilitate starter relocation or a change in starter size.

Positive starter alignment is assured by our exclusive “Tunnel Guide”, which guides both the stabs and the unit frame. The upper unit operating/test latch is located within the grounded tunnel guide providing additional safety for personnel.

Using high quality magnetic starters, circuit breakers and pilot devices ensures long life and low maintenance, even in the harshest environments. All of the unit components and their terminals are front accessible.

A full range of standard units including fusible or circuit breaker protected main disconnects, starters and feeders are available.
Specialty units such as PLC Panels, Solid State Drives, Vacuum Starters and Contractors, Lighting Panels and Distribution Transformers can also be integrated into the MCC.