These devices are among the most rugged pilot devices on the market. Fully epoxy encapsulated within a metal housing the CR9440-QS2 and QST2 meet CSA requirements for Class 1 Groups D and E, and Class II Groups F and G hazardous location applications. Moisture, dust, and corrosive agents will not detract from their reliable operation even in extreme environments where temperatures can range from -65C to 90C.

Built to last in the harshest industrial applications, these devices are equally suited to be used on the simplest applications requiring a limit sensor. These devices do not require physical contact (sensing distance up to 125mm are possible depending on the switch/magnet combination). There is no operating trip lever to be damaged or adjusted periodically.

For applications requiring a latching pilot device, our CR9440-QSR1 and -QLR1 may meet your needs. These latch when exposed to a magnetic field and release when the holding circuit is interrupted.

CR9440 Magnetector® Devices

Magnetector® Limit and Proximity Switches are magnet actuated pilot devices.
Rugged construction, epoxy encapsulation and CSA Class 1 Groups C & D, CSA Class II Groups F & G hazardous location enclosure ratings make these ideal for any industrial application.
Years of use in Mining, Pulp and Paper and Steel Industries on mine hoists, elevators, conveyors, cranes and machine tools have proven these devices can withstand the toughest environments industry can provide.

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CR9440 Speed Gate Relays

The CR9440-QSR1 Short Range Speed Gate Relay and the CR9440-QLR1 Long Range Speed Gate Relay are magnetically operated devices utilized where physical contact between moving parts is impossible or undesirable.

The unit's electronic circuit latches to a closed state when exposed to a magnetic field of sufficient strength. The unit will remain conducting until the circuit is interrupted, which removes the holding current. The magnetic field is normally supplied by one or a set of CR9440-QM4A magnets

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