CR2000 Renewal Parts

WAEC can supply:
-New MCC line-ups.
-Additions to existing CR2000 installations.
-Additions to existing CR7092C installations by means of a CR2000 transition section or direct connection by means of a CR7092C vertical section.
-EEMAC Type 1, 2, 3R and 12 enclosures.
-Marine construction is available to meet CCG and ABS specifications.
-Full range of MCC units: FVR, FVNR, RVAT, Circuit Breaker and Fusable Feeders, Lighting Panels, PLCs and more.

Renewal Parts for CR2000 Motor Control Centers

CR7092C Renewal Parts

WAEC can supply renewal parts to service your MCC or as an alternative retrofit your MCC, restoring electrical and mechanical integrity.

CR7092C Renewal Parts and Retrofits